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Westerns (historical fiction)

These stories are centered around historical events and feature characters who have a keen desire to survive, no matter the odds. "Cold Mountain" is one example.

Peter Brandvold 
aka Frank Leslie
Series: Sheriff Ben Stillman 
Series: Bounty Hunter Lou Prophet
Series: 45 Caliber - Cuno Massey
Series: Rogue Lawman Gideon Hawk

Tammy Boulds  website
Along Comes a Legend 


Bill Brooks website
The Stone Garden: The Epic Life of Billy the Kid
Bonnie & Clyde: A Love Story
Pretty Boy: The Epic Life of Pretty Boy Floyd

Elizabeth Butler website
The Colonel's Widow, Trailboss, Master of the Night, Calico Queen and Libby\

Clifford Caldwell
Old West Tales - 
Good Men, Bad Men, Lawmen

Scott Casper   
Marshaling the Rails

Muncy Chapman website
The Wiregrass Trilogy by Herb and Muncy Chapman, an exciting 3-volume saga of life in early Florida: Wiregrass Country, Weeds in the Wiregrass and Wiregrass Politics.

K Follis Cheatham website
The Adventures of Elizabeth Fortune
Spotted Flower and the Ponokomita
(for children)

Thomas Cobb  website
Acts of Contrition
Crazy Heart

C. K. Crigger  website
Black Crossing, The Winning Hand, Liar's Trail
Letter of the Law (Audio Book)

Dave P. Fisher website
The Strawberry Mountain War
Yates - U.S. Marshal
Bronc Buster - Short Stories of the American West

Harvey Goodman website
Along the Fortune Trail

Patricia Probert Gott website
The DAYES of Wyoming

Jean Henry website
Escape on the Wind 

Charlotte Hinger website
COME SPRING, "Medicine-Pipe Bearer Best First Novel"
winner WWA SPUR Award

Juanita Holbrook Ingram  website
Just One Bullet Left
Finding Dakota
Blue Mountain
Puckerbrush Canon

Colin Immelman  website

Mike Kearby website
The Road to a Hanging

Frank Leslie 
aka Peter Brandvold
Lonely Breed
The Thunder Riders
The Wild Breed
Yakima Henry

Mark Mellon website
The Pirooters

Karen Mihaljevich
Digging Holes in Paradise

James C. McMillin website
Alamo Gold

Rosalie More website

Kim Robinson website
The Roux in the Gumbo

Lauri Robinson website
Mail Order Husband
A Wife for Big John

Shotgun Bride, The Quinter Brides Book 1

Scott Roker
The Legend of Box Butte Canyon

L. T. Sanders website
The Southern Yankee: Beyond the Rebellion

Jerry Snodgrass website
Frontier Justice

Dick Vander Yacht website
Follow the Sun
Drifter's Revenge
Camp on the Crazy



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