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A Directory of Websites 
Related to the Old West

WinghavenWesterns publisher of free westerns

Tombstone Old West Books online mercantile of books

Cowboy.com the western connection

Black Horse Express A newsletter for readers and writers of western fiction, based around the Black Horse Western books published by Robert Hale Ltd of London.

Tantor Media  Westerns on digital audiobooks - free shipping

Writers West 
Western writers offer autographed books in all forms: fiction, nonfiction, contemporary, traditional, poetry. Used western books, too.

Whiskey Creek Press  Featuring western printed books and ebooks, as well as other genres.

Western Addicts and Drifters  This online email community for western lovers is dedicated to the old west in fact and fiction. Join the group to talk about historical events, films and books. 

Websites For Writers in General

Artdesy.net - An Art Directory

Author Island Geared toward promoting authors in almost any genre.

Fantastic Fiction  Listing of authors writing in various genres, including Westerns.

Malinche Entertainment
Interactive Fiction
[See Historical Fiction on their site]
The element of interaction allows the reader to talk to the story in full English sentences. Interactive Fiction is a cross between a computer game and a fiction book.

Qumoz - A Business Directory

U.S. History books - At Algora Publishing, you can find a wide selection of books on U.S. History.

BBMandarin - Directory of publishing and book-related sites

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