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Westerns (traditional)

In the manner of classic westerns by Zane Grey, William McLeod Raine, Max Brand, Louis L'Amour, and others. These stories usually feature a hero who, like a Knight of the Range, answers the call to adventure, rescues damsels in distress, and brings bad guys to justice. His idealism drives him to right wrongs and/or seek vengeance for injustices done to innocent people.

James R. Allen
The Jarret's

W. R. Benton website
Death on the Mountain, Green River, Indian Dreamer, Silently Beats the Drum, Ty Fisher and the Blood of the Mountain Men, In the Shadow of the Mountain, Red Runs the Plains, Ty Fisher and the Army Gold, War Paint.

D. J. Bishop website
Luke Ludd, Sheriff Luke Ludd, Showdown at Deer Creek

Stephen Bly website 
One Step Over The Border, Memories of a Dirt Road Town, The Mustang Breaker, Wish I'd Known You Tears Ago, The Fortunes of the Black Hills series. These are the most recent of 100 novels. On The Trail Ezine is an interactive, serial western novel, sent by subscription in pdf format weekly by e-mail. 

Max Brand
"The World's Most Celebrated Western Writer"
More than 500 novels, short stories, essays, and poems
Official Max Brand Website

Peter Brandvold aka Frank Leslie website
Series: Sheriff Ben Stillman 
Series: Bounty Hunter Lou Prophet
Series: 45 Caliber - Cuno Massey
Series: Rogue Lawman Gideon Hawk

Bill Brooks website
The Big Gundown: Dakota Lawman
Killing Mr. Sunday: Dakota Lawman
Last Stand at Sweet Sorrow: Dakota Lawman
Protecting Hickok: Law For Hire
Defending Cody: Law For Hire
Saving Masterson: Law For Hire

J. P. S. Brown  website
Jim Kane, The Outfit, Blooded Stock, Ladino, The Horseman, Native Born, Cinnamon Colt

Sean Chandler
Ebony Marshal; Ebony Marshal: Bitter; Gospel of the Gun

Marc Crump  website
The Upside-Down Year

John Duncklee website
Double Vengeance; Graciela of the Border

Ray Foster
publisher: Black Horse imprint of Robert Hale
w/a Jack Giles
Poseidon Smith: Vengeance is Mine, Leatherface, Rebel Run, Ten Thousand Dollar Bounty, Duggan  (also in large print), The Man From Labasque, Coalmine, The Fourth Horseman
w/a Ryker Frost
A Fortune For War (also in large print)
The Battle of Sun Valley

James J. Griffin website
Trouble Rides the Texas Pacific, Border Raiders, Trail of the Renegade

F. Lee Hayslip  website
Shoot the Man Down

A. H. Holt website
Silver Creek; Kendrick; Blanco Sol; Riding Fence; Blood Redemption

Lance Howard website
Blood on the Saddle, The Silver-Mine Spook, Ladigan
w/a Howard Hopkins
eBooks: The Dark Riders (Vampire/western), 
Pistolero (Western) 
Paperbacks: The West Witch, Wanted, The Gallows Ghost, The Widow Maker, Guns of the Past, Palomita, The Last Draw, The Deadly Doves, The Devil's Peacemaker, The West Wolf, The Phantom Marshal, Bandolero, Pirate Pass

Rye James website
The Assassin

James W. Johnson
The Bitterroot Trail
[published in 1935, now in eBook format from Uncial Press]

Mike Kearby website
The Road to a Hanging

Allan Kimball  website
Rainbows Wait For Rain

Frank Leslie aka Peter Brandvold website
Lonely Breed; The Thunder Riders; The Wild Breed; Yakima Henry

Chuck Lewis  website
When Good Men Ride, Two From the West, A Certain Justice, The Reprobates, Beyond the Big River

Kermit Lopez

Matthew Mayo website
Winters' War; Wrong Town
Anthology: Where Legends Ride: New Tales of the Old West

[Black Horse Westerns and Express Westerns]

Clay More  
Raw Deal at Pasco Springs; Nemesis for the Judge; Double-Dealing at Dirtville; A Rope for Scudder; Stampede at Rattlesnake Pass.
[Black Horse Westerns]

Chap O'Keefe website
Gunsmoke Night, Shootout at Hellyer's Creek, The Sheriff and the Widow, The Outlaw and the Lady, The Gunman and the Actress, The Sandhills Shootings, Doomsday Mesa, Frontier Brides, The Rebel and the Heiress, Ride the Wild Country, The Lawman and the Songbird, Ghost Town Belles, Sons and Gunslicks, Peace at Any Price, A Gunfight Too Many.   
Misfit Lil Rides In, Misfit Lil Gets Even, Misfit Lil Fights Back, Misfit Lil Hides Out, Misfit Lil Cleans Up.

Florin Owen website
Where The Mountains Meet The Sage 

Judith R. Parker website
Winter Kill, Ride a Cold Wind, Twist of Terror, Missing!, The House Sitter, A Kind of Justice,  Deadly Diamonds, Cato Wahl, While Hyenas Laugh  

Ian  Parnham website
[Black Horse Westerns and the Fergal O'Brien series for Avalon Westerns. ]

J.R. Primm  website
The Empty Shotgun (Riley Bennett series)

Dusty Richards  website
Trail to Cottonwood Falls, Montana Revenge, The Horse Creek Incident, Deuces Wild, Trail to Ogallala, Waltzing with Tumbleweeds,  Lone Star Law, Trail to Ft Smith, Trail to Abilene,  The Natural,  Rancherís Law, Servant of the Law,  The Lawless Land, By the Cut of Your Clothes, From Hell to Breakfast,  Nobleís Way,  Bountyman and Doe,  Marshal Lockhart and The Tomboy,  Two Trails to Rosa, Comanche Moon 1 and 2, There Comes a Time

Emily Richardson website
After All

Randall Scott  website
The Tinner

Kai Starr  website
Rustler's Roundup; Desperado Dawn
Online short stories: The Ballad of the Beam; Judas Hearts; Rubbin' Eyeballs With a Gunn.

Charlie Steel website
Fight For Wet Springs

Kevin Thorsheim
Ten Tall Tales of the Old West"
ISBN: hardcover 0-7388-370-7
ISBN: softcover  0-7388-371-5

Woodrow W. Walker website
Wolf Johnson Mountainman

Will Welton  website
Mountain Thunder 
Nights of Terror
White Bear Clan Series: 
John O'Leary U.S. Marshal 
ISBN: 1-60441-163-5

Charles G. West  website
Jason Coles Series; Little Wolf Series; Trace McCall Series; Jordan Gray Series; Culver Series; Matt Slaughter Series and more.

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info @ westernauthors.com 
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